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Various Writing Updatery

 Just some random bits of writing updatery this week.

-This came out a while ago, but I realize that I never mentioned here that The Scroll of Anubis, edited by T. Patrick Rooney and Kody Boye is now available for purchase and it includes a story by me.

Here's a complete table of contents:

The Lockwood Collection by Mary Rajotte
Amunet by Rhiannon Frater
The Companion of Jacob Bleek by Jeffrey Scott Sims
The Rise of Terefini by John McCuaig
Let Justice Be Done by Alva J. Roberts
White Cloud‘s Return by Janett L. Grady
Family Under Wraps by David Bernstein 
Styx and Stones by Malachy Coney
Kiss of Death by Jessy Marie Roberts 
The Jaws of the Jackal by Patrick Rutigliano 
Caves of Gold by Jim Bernheimer 
The Cat and the Baron Megan R. Englehardt 
The Legacy of Seshet by Jameson T. Caine
The Dry Man by Amanda C. Davis
Amun‘s Curse by Carey Burns
Beneath the Floorboards by Robert Essig 
The Book of Osiris by Charles Kyffhausen 
Cat‘s Cradle by Anna M. Lowther 
Balam by Megan Bamford 
Mistress of the Scarab by Miles Booth 
Egypt, PA by Wayne Goodchild 
The Lurker in the Depths by Michael C. Lea
The Desecrators by Paul A. Freeman
Pharoh‘s Best Friend by Adam Blomquist
The Eternal Resurrection by M.S Gardner 
Calixite‘s Curse by Deborah Walker 
Abu Timsaah by Zachary Thomas Tyler
The Pyramids of Rock Lake by Derek J. Goodman
The Curse of Djer by T. Patrick Rooney

Anyone looking to get a copy can purchase one at Amazon here:

-The website Rise Reviews has posted a mostly positive review of the the anthology Things We Are Not, including some nice things said about my story "As Wide as the Sky, and Twice as Explosive."  Reading the review is a little weird for me, as the reviewer obviously got from my story some things I didn't completely intend, but as writer Jay Lake always says the story belongs to the reader.  If you give a story to five different people, they might as well be reading five different stories since they will all be filtering it through their own personal views.  The review can be found here:

-I did an interview just the other day for the local cable station where I discussed my books.  I'll post that here when it is available on Youtube.

-And last but not least, I figure some people out there might be happy to know that after nearly a year of not working on it, I'm back to writing Old Clerks Don't Die, They Slay Away, the next book in the Apocalypse Shift series.  Currently I'm about a fifth of the way through the first draft.  I'll post more info as I keep working on it.